Link card application in New York’s Link program

Posted by NBC News on Monday, September 27, 2018 07:22:12 Link is an innovative, cross-platform application that lets users share information about their friends, and the Link card is a key part of the app’s success.

With Link, you can now share content, photos, video and even text with friends, whether you’re on a subway, on a bus, on the beach, in a store or in a restaurant.

“Link is about sharing and sharing fast.

It’s about sharing a photo and a video, and then a text and a link,” said Chris O’Reilly, senior director of marketing for Link.

“It’s about creating that shared experience in a very easy way.”

The application allows users to upload photos and videos to their own personal Link cards and share those cards with friends on social media, or they can simply share them with other people through Link.

O’Leary said that Link was created for New Yorkers, but it’s now also being used by many other cities.

“We are excited about this,” he said.

“New York has a great ecosystem of people and businesses who use Link and we think Link can be the next big thing for New York.”

While the application was designed to help people share content and photos with friends and family, Link also lets users view and share videos, images and more with friends through their Link cards.

“The Link program is really about connecting people in ways that have never been possible before,” said Alex Odeh, the chief marketing officer of Link.

With this partnership, Link will expand the use of the Link app for New Yorker’s to connect, share and connect.

The Link card app has been downloaded by more than 5 million users.

“There’s no way that we can compete on the level of the other apps out there, so we are excited to continue our relationship with Link,” said Odey.

Odeah said Link is one of several apps being introduced in New Jersey this week to help bridge the gap between Link users and the rest of the population.

Link is a free application that has been developed in partnership with the New Jersey Department of Health and the New York City Department of Public Health.

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