Why You Should Probably Be Able to Wear a Fitbit for Longer Than You Think

A new Fitbit that lets you track your activity for longer than you think might be just the ticket to a long, healthy life.

The device, the Fitbit Surge, has been on sale since late last year and has quickly become one of the hottest gadgets in fitness, thanks to its unique combination of sensors and sensors that track your body movement.

As you might expect, there’s a lot to love about the device.

You can track steps, calories burned, steps per day, calories lost, heart rate, and much more.

It’s even able to connect to your phone to keep tabs on your health, so you can stay on top of your workouts.

But the Surge is also a big, expensive, and complicated gadget.

We talked to Fitbit about why you should be able to strap it on and take advantage of its features.

Fitbit ChargePoint Surge review: Fitbit is one of fitness’s most successful companies and a major force in the wearable fitness space.

But its Surge has taken the world by storm.

What’s the difference between the Surge and its competitors?

A lot.

The Surge comes in a range of colors and sizes.

We’ve had two different models, the ChargePoint and ChargePoint Max, and we’ve had the Surge Black and Surge Blue.

Both have different pricing and a lot of the same sensors.

We also got a ChargePoint Charge.

What do the Surge models have in common?

The Surge Max has a larger battery and a more robust processor.

The ChargePoint charge points are smaller and more light-weight, so they’re better suited for walking and exercise.

The smaller battery makes the Surge less convenient to carry around and easier to charge on the go.

It has a higher-resolution screen, which makes it easier to read the information.

The Max comes with a GPS receiver, Bluetooth, and an accelerometer.

What are the different kinds of sensors you can track?

The ChargePoints are connected to the baseband with Bluetooth LE, so it can be paired with other devices.

You’ll be able see your steps and heart rate and even calorie burn data.

The max-size ChargePoints have accelerometers on the base and GPS on the underside.

Both are able to track activity.

If you want to track your calorie burn and your steps, you can attach a smartphone app to the Max, so your phone can monitor it.

There are also different types of sensors that are attached to the Surge.

We have an accelerometers and an LIDAR.

There’s also an IR sensor and a camera.

What else does the Surge have?

The surge charges with an external battery and it also comes with Bluetooth 4.0.

If there’s an issue with the battery, it can charge itself up with an onboard power bank.

What about waterproofing?

The charge pads are removable and they’re rated for up to 10 hours of continuous use.

If it rains, it won’t dry out.

And it won.

The surge also has an IR transmitter and GPS receiver.

Does it come with a charger?


FitBit says that the Surge can charge up to 20 days, and the max charge lasts up to 90 days.

That’s an average of over three days.

Do the Surge charges last longer than the other models?

The charging rate on the Surge Max is slightly faster, but not by much.

The maximum charge is 5 hours.

Does the Surge charge from a USB port?

Yes, you’ll need a USB to USB cable.

If the Surge takes too long to charge, you might need to recharge the base with a new battery.

Do you need a phone?

No, you won’t need a smartphone.

Fitbits Surge comes with an 8GB Micro SD card slot, which is ideal for storing some extra fitness data.

We’d recommend buying the Surge instead of the ChargePad if you’re going to do lots of long distance walking or running.

If your smartphone isn’t capable of handling that, you may be able use the Surge as a standalone phone, but it may not be suitable for long distance running or walking.

Do I need to take a photo with the Surge?


You can take a selfie with the surge and post it on social media.

There is no way to post it to Facebook or Twitter, but you can use Fitbit’s app to share your photo to Facebook and Twitter.

It will take you about 15 seconds to capture your photo, so the best time to take one is after you’ve got the Surge charging.

If this sounds like you, then you’ll want to upgrade to a larger charge pad and a larger phone.

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