“Granite links” link? Not so fast: ‘Dangerous’ link could be more dangerous than the rest, CBS News anchor Bob Schieffer says

CBS News Anchor Bob Srieffers article It’s one of those links you see on TV, the kind that leads to an email with the subject line, “How can I make a better link for my readers?”

It may be a well-known link or a link to an article on a particular topic, but it may not be as clear-cut as the link on a website that links to its own content.

“When you get to a link on your site, it’s like a new connection that you can add to your email list,” said Srieffer, who recently took a position as the president of Media Matters for America.

“It may be in the middle of your email address, or maybe it’s a link from your newsletter, and you add it to your inbox.

But that link has to be clear.

So if it’s an email to a subscriber, you’re not allowed to add it on the site and make it appear in your inbox as a new email, or add it as a link in your news feed.

That’s a dangerous thing.”

So why does the link still need to be labeled?

“I’ve never been one to make my link in a box or something,” Srieffen said.

“That just makes it difficult to follow.”

Srieffer said that it’s important to make sure the link has a name, especially when it’s linked to other sites.

“You want it to be recognizable, so if it looks like a company, like the name of a business, you want it be a company name,” he said.

“You want to make it seem like a legitimate company that’s trying to do good, and that it does in the way that they promote their product.”

So what’s the best way to tag your link?

“There are two things I’d recommend to make the link, one is to use the link in the body of the email.

The other is to make a link that looks like it belongs in the subject of your newsletter,” Schieffers said.

You can also add a description, “I found this link helpful,” or “I’m curious about this company,” and then the link will be labeled as such.

“The thing about these is that if you don’t have an email address to use, you can’t tag it, so it’s best to do that,” he added.

“The thing that’s so good about it is it’s kind of a visual thing.

I think that’s the easiest way to do it, because you just want to put a tag on it, and it’s really just a matter of a link, and the content that comes with it, to give it a name,” Srierffers added.

“It’s very easy to get into it, I’ve been doing it for years.”

And while this link is a little more obscure, Srieppers said that even if you know you have an affiliate program, the link can still be useful.

“If you’re trying to get the right link, you might be able to do better than putting it in your email,” he told CBS News.

“But you don’ have to put it in the title of your message.”

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