Why is the BJP doing so badly in Bihar?

By Praveen Swami, Times NowTribune, MumbaiThe BJP’s recent election results in Bihar have been one of the worst in recent times.

The BJP is on a two-year winning streak with no sign of ending the run, which has seen it dominate the state in recent elections.

Its election performance in the state, however, has been far from ideal.

Its performance in Lok Sabha polls was poor.

Its performance in assembly polls was also poor.

It won only six out of 40 seats in the Assembly in 2014 and only five in seven assembly polls in 2016.

Despite that, the BJP’s performance in elections is now being looked at more positively.

It was able to sweep the last three Lok Sabha elections in Bihar.

In fact, the state’s elections have been considered a success, given the opposition parties’ electoral struggles.

The Congress-led United Democratic Front, led by Nitish Kumar, was defeated in the last assembly election in 2014.

The BJP was then defeated by the JD(U) in 2019 and then again in 2021.

Its record in the Lok Sabha election is even more dismal.

It failed to win even one seat in the first two assembly elections and was even beaten by the Congress in the third election.

In terms of Lok Sabha, the party failed to secure more than a single seat in either of the four Lok Sabha seats held in Bihar between 2016 and 2021.

In 2019, the Congress was able do a remarkable job, but was defeated by BJP.

In 2021, the same party was able win a single Lok Sabha seat, but lost to the BJP.

In the 2016 Assembly elections, the Narendra Modi government, led at the time by the then BJP chief Amit Shah, won three of the six seats.

But the BJP failed to get more than two of the five seats it secured in the second and third rounds.

In 2020, it was able grab a single MP, but again it failed to make it out of the three seats it won in the assembly elections.

The same party again failed to form a single government in the 2019 Assembly polls.

The situation is very much the same in 2021, where the BJP was able capture three of four Lokpal seats.

In the 2019 Lok Sabha polling, it only managed to win two.

In 2021, it managed to capture one Lokpal seat, and lost the next.

In both elections, it came up short.

The party has failed to break out of its electoral pattern.

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