Democrats want GOP-led tax bill to ‘pay for itself’

Democrats want Republican leaders to commit to spending the $1.1 trillion tax bill on the infrastructure they’ve been working on to fund their legislative agenda, according to an aide.

The aides spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss private discussions.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said in a statement Tuesday that the Democrats are asking for the infrastructure bill to be fully funded and passed “without any strings attached” and “not included in the $5 trillion tax-cut package.”

Democrats are pushing for the $3 trillion tax plan to include a “flat rate” on all earners, meaning a flat tax for everyone.

The $3.2 trillion tax cut package is expected to go to the Senate floor for a vote in coming weeks.

“If we can’t make sure this tax bill is fully funded, the American people will not support it, and the Democrats will not vote for it,” Schumer said Tuesday in a press release.

The bill includes a “small amount of infrastructure” spending that Democrats want to see included in a tax bill, but Republicans have been reluctant to include it.

The tax bill includes an infrastructure tax, but Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has said that infrastructure spending is not included in his tax plan.

Democrats want to include infrastructure funding in their tax bill.

The Senate has not had a chance to vote on a bill since March when the House passed its version of the bill.

Republicans have criticized the Senate bill for not providing enough funding for border security and for not including money for the Zika virus relief aid.

Senate Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has said the GOP-controlled House should have the opportunity to pass its tax bill in order to ensure the House votes to send the tax bill back to the White House.

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