Which is more likely to cause more heart attacks: smoking or drinking?

TONIGHT’S COST: It’s a good question.

You could have the best heart health in the world, but if you smoke or drink a lot, you’re at higher risk of heart disease.

A study released Monday by the American Heart Association says drinking four or more alcoholic beverages per day increases your risk of dying from heart disease by 20%.

Smoking increases your chances of death by 17%.

That means that if you live in a city with a high rate of heart attacks, then the next best thing to avoid is smoking.

The study was conducted over nearly a decade and included nearly 5,000 adults in the U.S. and the U-Korea, a region that includes South Korea.

So, it’s a fairly comprehensive study.

What it found is that drinking three or more drinks a day, compared to three or less, is associated with an increased risk of death.

But the association is more pronounced in people who smoke than in those who don’t.

In fact, people who are heavy smokers — and many of us have high blood pressure — had a 13 percent higher risk for death from heart attack than those who aren’t.

So what this study found was that people who have heart problems, particularly people who live in urban areas, have a much higher risk than those in rural areas of heart problems.

And that risk is higher among smokers.

The findings are consistent with those of other studies, including one published last year by a team at Harvard Medical School, which looked at deaths in California from heart attacks.

It found that those who live near places where the air is polluted were nearly five times as likely to die from a heart attack as people who did not.

So you would think that if it was the case that smoking was associated with a higher risk, that we would see more people die from heart diseases, right?

Well, you’d think that, but we don’t, at least not according to this new study.

The authors of the new study didn’t look at other risk factors, such as obesity, smoking and obesity.

And they also didn’t compare people who smoked with people who didn’t.

Instead, they compared people who drank four or fewer drinks a week to people who never drank.

The researchers concluded that those with heart problems were almost three times more likely than the non-smokers to die of heart attack.

That’s not to say that smoking is safe, of course.

While you don’t need to smoke to have a heart problem, if you do smoke, you should avoid smoking for a period of time.

So how much do you need to drink to increase your risk?

According to the American Cancer Society, a moderate amount of alcohol is the maximum amount of drink you should drink a day to prevent heart disease, and it’s no more than two to three drinks per day.

But you can go higher if you want to.

You can have up to six drinks a night.

So it’s definitely possible to have moderate amounts of alcohol, but it’s also possible to drink four to six.

How much alcohol should you drink?

According a 2012 study by the CDC, people with higher blood pressure have a 20 percent higher chance of dying within a year from heart problems than those with lower blood pressure.

It also said that people with diabetes have a 10 percent higher death risk from heart conditions than people with normal blood pressure levels.

The CDC also said people with a history of heart or kidney problems had a 20-percent higher risk.

So the authors of that study recommended that people limit their drinking to one to two drinks a month and, as the authors point out, that includes alcohol.

But that doesn’t mean you have to stop drinking altogether.

A 2011 study by a group of experts at Boston University School of Medicine found that a drink a week of alcohol can lower your risk for developing heart disease in people with heart conditions by as much as 15 percent.

The new study doesn’t say how much alcohol you should consume, and the CDC doesn’t have specific guidelines for people with health conditions.

But experts say that if people limit drinking to two to four drinks a year, they’ll have a higher chance to avoid heart attacks and death.

For example, a 2011 study in the American Journal of Epidemiology found that people in the top five percent of blood pressure were three times as many deaths per year as those in the bottom fifth.

People with heart disease and diabetes are also at higher risks for heart attacks because of their age, so people in their 20s and 30s tend to be at higher-risk.

And the CDC recommends that people be screened regularly for heart disease — but the results of the study didn

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