How to watch Miami’s game against Tampa Bay

Now Playing: How to find the right TV provider Now Playing – Miami’s win over the Bucs means it has clinched the NFC East title Now Playing Miami’s Josh McCown scores the winning touchdown Now Playing Dolphins quarterback Josh McCrober is one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL Now Playing Is it time to move the Miami Dolphins to a neutral site?

Now Playing Why the Miami Heat are going to be an entertaining team this year Now Playing Heat coach Erik Spoelstra explains his decision to bench his starters Now Playing Will the Miami Hurricanes play in the postseason again?

Now Play Is LeBron James headed to Cleveland?

Now You can stream NFL free streaming now!

Now Playing LeBron James is headed to the Cleveland Cavaliers Now Playing Does the Miami Hurricane have a chance to make the playoffs?

Now What is the most popular sports hashtag in the U.S.?

Now Playing What the Miami-Fort Lauderdale Dolphins should do with All-Star weekend?

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What are the best free-agent moves for teams?

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Now Featuring All-Stars from the Miami Marlins and Miami Hurricanes, plus the best and most interesting players in the league Now Featuring Miami Heat star Josh McCrosby celebrates his 100th birthday and joins the Miami Cubans

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