When you get too much sex in your life: Here are some sex linked traits that help with happiness

Here are a few sex linked trait that help you feel happier and feel like a good woman:1.

You are more likely to be the only person you want to spend time with.2.

You’re more likely for women to find you attractive.3.

You have a better time when you’re alone with your partner.4.

You feel more confident when you are with someone who doesn’t think you are as good as she thinks you are.5.

You’ll feel more comfortable when you have a relationship with someone that doesn’t force you to do things you don’t want to do.6.

You will find your partners attractive more often than not.7.

You like to be with your friends more.8.

You prefer to be alone when you feel lonely.9.

You enjoy having sex more than other people do.10.

You don’t like to make mistakes.11.

You take better care of yourself.12.

You learn more in bed.13.

You become more sexually active more often.14.

You get into more sex.15.

You love sex more.16.

You find yourself having more sex more often after having sex.17.

You tend to be more sexually adventurous and enjoy sex more when you enjoy sex with someone else.18.

You discover more about your body and mind.19.

You realize how much more beautiful you are when you’ve had sex with a woman.20.

You know more about yourself and your values.21.

You make friends and find new ones more often and more often again.22.

You want to feel more connected to other people.23.

You think about what makes you tick more.24.

You experience feelings more often, even though you might not want to.25.

You stop wanting to feel awkward and embarrassed at all times.26.

You appreciate your time more when it’s not being wasted on other people’s needs.27.

You end up spending more time with people who you’re attracted to.28.

You try to make other people feel more happy, and they find that to be a lot easier than they expected.29.

You spend more time feeling like you’re having fun when you know you’re not having fun.30.

You do a lot of things you’re less comfortable with at work, because you think they’re more important than you are and you feel more alone when they’re not.31.

You’ve had a few bad experiences at work.32.

You hate it when someone is being cruel to you.33.

You’d rather be alone with someone you’re dating, even if it’s just for a few minutes.34.

You say “no” to a lot more people than you should.35.

You can feel more fulfilled if you get what you want, even when you don and it hurts when you get it.36.

You really don’t think about the consequences of your actions.37.

You notice things about yourself that others don’t notice.38.

You seem to be happier and more connected when you spend time together with people you care about.39.

You avoid certain things because you feel guilty.40.

You tell yourself you won’t do them, but you’re really going to.41.

You start to enjoy the things you normally hate to do more often because you’re so used to doing them.42.

You trust your intuition more than you do people who don’t trust their intuition.43.

You expect people to be nicer to you, because they’re trying to be.44.

You see more of your friends around people you like and appreciate them more than people you don, even while you don.45.

You look for happiness in the people you love and don’t love.46.

You pay attention to the things that you do that you normally wouldn’t have noticed and feel happy about doing them again.47.

You focus more on your positive emotions than on the things people think are negative.48.

You use your senses more often when you can because you can.49.

You listen to your body more often in the moment, even after a meal.50.

You accept that you’re more attractive than you think, even before you get to know someone.51.

You put your feelings aside more than usual when you realize you’re doing something you’re embarrassed about and that you don

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