The missing link in the building saga

By Steve BlumbergThe missing link: A new look at the mysterious collapse of the building that has captivated the public and the media since March of last year.

The case of the missing linkIn March, March of 2016, the RCMP received a tip from an anonymous tipster that a “significant amount of structural steel” was missing from the building in the northeast corner of the city of Kingston, Ont.

A structural steel frame, or steel plate, is a building frame made of reinforced concrete.

The structure supports the structural supports and is bolted together to support a building.

In the event of a structural failure, the structure could collapse.

According to the Toronto Star, a structural steel worker had discovered that a large portion of the steel frame had been stripped off.

This structural steel was missing, the newspaper reported.

The tipster’s tip was received by the RCMP.

The investigation began.

The missing structureThe RCMP began investigating the disappearance of structural parts of the Building 9B in Kingston.

The first step was to determine whether or not structural steel had been removed from the top floor of the 7-storey building.

According to the Star, the first person to examine the structural steel found it to be intact and “in pristine condition.”

This steel frame was found to be in pristine condition in the basement of the Kingston Building 9.

On July 20, 2016, RCMP Det.

John Daley testified before the Kingston City Council regarding the case.

Daley said that the steel missing from Building 9 was removed from a different area in the city, and that it was not connected to the top floors of Building 9A.

However, this was not known to the RCMP until after the case was referred to the Crown, the Star reported.

After consulting with the Crown and the building’s owners, the missing steel was removed.

The missing steel is now on display at the Kingston Royal Canadian Legion, located at the corner of St. Andrew and Queen streets.

The Crown’s case was complicated by a number of issues.

The building’s owner, TELUS, had refused to provide any information about the missing structural steel, including the number of structural pieces that had been taken.

At the time, TES reported that they did not have any evidence of any structural steel being removed from Building B. In January 2017, however, TELS announced they were in possession of evidence that could shed light on whether or no structural steel has been removed.

According the Crown’s submission to the Ontario Court of Appeal, there are a number items that were not removed that could potentially point to the existence of structural elements in Building B, including:An exterior metal plate, called a “pink sheet,” that was found in the garage of the Kingston Building 9 and a second exterior metal sheet, called an “orange sheet,” found in a nearby basement.

A photograph that was taken by a crane operator, showing an orange sheet and a pink sheet at the same location.

In May, 2017, the Crown submitted a motion to have the structural sections removed from both Building B and Building A, arguing that they are in the possession of the RCMP and that they should be taken out of the case and put in a secure storage facility.

The motion was denied by the Ontario Superior Court of Justice on June 15, 2017.

In its motion, the defence argued that, in the absence of any evidence, there is no reasonable doubt that there are structural elements on the roof of Building B that could have been removed prior to the collapse.

In the meantime, the building has remained vacant.

On May 26, 2017 the Kingston Police Service requested a demolition permit to demolish the building, saying the building is unsafe for occupancy and there is a risk of fire.

The demolition was approved by the City of Kingston on June 22, 2017 and the police seized the property.

A new look on the caseSince the disappearance, the media has been on a frenzy over the missing structure.

On June 10, 2017 it was reported that the building had been “opened up” for the public.

On July 19, 2017 CBC News reported that “new photos” had been released showing that the missing elements were in a “very good” condition.CBC News has since confirmed that structural steel is in good condition.

The city of Winnipeg, for example, told CBC News that structural iron is in “fair condition.”

The Manitoba government has also acknowledged that structural metal was removed, but not before the steel was found.

The story is still playing out in the media, with various media outlets including the CBC and the Toronto Sun reporting that the pieces were in good shape.

The CBC reported that it had spoken to two individuals who claimed that the structural pieces were still in place, but that the city had not provided any information.

On June 25, 2017 Toronto Star reporter Tom Clark told the CBC that structural pieces are being removed, and said he was “very much looking forward” to seeing the steel in the hands of the public in the next few weeks.CBC reporter

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