Why the sausage links are back

The sausage links have been the subject of a major controversy after the company behind them posted a video claiming they were actually vegan.

However, the chain’s parent company, Link, has insisted the link is vegan. 

“The link is made from 100% organic ingredients. 

The link has no animal ingredients.

The link is not vegan,” Link said on its website.”

All sausage links on our website are made from scratch and have been grown using only the finest, freshest, and purest herbs.

They’re made with only the freshest ingredients.

We never use MSG, artificial preservatives, and preservatives.

They are vegan.”

Link added that the link had no MSG, soy, gluten, wheat, dairy, or any other allergens. 

In the video, Link claims the link has been veganised and that it is 100% vegan.

“So this is all made with 100% certified organic ingredients and you can get it at your local Whole Foods or Amazon,” Link explained. 

However, animal welfare group the Humane Society International (HSI) said the sausage link was a hoax and that the company was using the sausage to sell fake meat.

“This is a marketing campaign for a brand called ‘Zelda’, which claims to be 100% cruelty-free.

The product contains a fake ingredient, the link, which contains a false claim about how it’s 100% animal-free,” said Hannah Grossman, a senior campaigner at HSI.

“The product contains synthetic, highly processed meat, which is often made with genetically modified animals, including GMO, and is marketed as being 100% meat free.” 

“This particular brand is clearly a blatant example of a food company using scare tactics to make a buck off the suffering of animals.” 

The company said it was testing the sausage with more of its ingredients, including soy, sugar, salt and water, and would update its website with its results. 

It has also launched an investigation into whether the sausage was contaminated with other animal products. 

A Link spokesman said: “We have tested the sausage for GMO and other allergen content, and are testing to ensure the link will not contain any of these. 

 “We are a global food company, so we have an international team working on this issue. 

There is no trace of GMO in the sausage, and the link contains no animal or plant products.

The company is taking this issue very seriously and working with leading regulatory authorities in Europe to ensure there is no impact on our customers.

“The video has attracted a storm of criticism, with one critic accusing the company of being “anti-science”.”

Link has been in the food chain for 20 years.

They know how to make their product, but they’re also marketing to children, they’re marketing to teenagers, they want to sell them the link and they have no regard for the environment, they have a very, very bad record on this one,” Ms Grossman said. 

Link also said that the meat in the link was 100% grass-fed, and that its supplier is an independent company. 

Animal welfare groups are urging consumers to exercise caution about buying the links, saying they are “cruel, unethical, and dangerous”.”

If you are buying this product and you are going to eat it, then it’s going to be the wrong product, and you need to be extremely careful about how you consume it,” Ms Gravesman said, adding that she was calling on people to speak out about the link.

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