How to get to the bottom of the “Tidal” storm

The tidal wave that caused a catastrophic storm surge at the end of April, and has continued to cause problems for many residents in coastal communities around the state, is now hitting the Bay Area.

The storm brought the tides up to the bay in the city of Richmond, with some parts of the state already experiencing tidal flooding and rising sea levels, and residents in other parts of Southern California and in the central United States are facing rising seas, increased storm surges and erosion of coastal properties.

As of Thursday, the National Weather Service said the storm has brought the Bay area to its highest tide level on record and is expected to bring additional flooding in the next two to three days, with high tides as high as 11 to 12 feet in some areas.

The storm also caused significant damage in Richmond, where the National Guard has been dispatched to help with storm recovery efforts.

The flooding in Richmond is a direct result of the surge created by the storm, which occurred after the storm struck the bay, and was the second-highest-recorded flood in California’s history.

In the days after the surge, the tide was expected to drop to a more normal level in the area, but it didn’t, causing the tide to rise to levels that are now at their highest.

“There’s been no change in the tides in Richmond since we last saw them,” said David LeBlanc, a senior hydrologist at the University of California, Davis.

“The only thing that has changed is the water level, which is now much higher than it was.”

The storm surge has created a new danger in the coastal communities along the coast, with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration warning that rising water could threaten power lines in Richmond and other areas of the bay.

In addition, the storm also left a trail of damage, including broken windows and downed trees in the Richmond area, as well as some power outages in areas along the Bay.

The National Weather Services warned that the storm could affect water supplies and public transportation, as it moved across the bay into the central coast and inland, and could also affect the ability of storm surges to rise in the Bay, which would increase the likelihood of flooding in other areas, the weather service said.

“As of the time this is posted, there are no reports of power outage in Richmond or other areas impacted by the surge,” the weather agency said.

The Richmond City Council is considering a resolution calling for a state and federal response to the storm.

The council will vote on the resolution at its Tuesday meeting.

As a result, the Richmond City Manager’s office and the Virginia Department of Emergency Management are coordinating efforts to mitigate the effects of the storm and to identify ways to mitigate future flooding.

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