The Worst Hardware You’ll Ever Buy

I’ve never heard of an HDMI cable that had an antenna attached, but this one is probably going to be pretty awesome.

It has two USB 3.0 ports, one USB 2.0 port, and an HDMI port.

The USB 3 port is pretty useful.

It can drive an array of peripherals, such as USB drives, flash drives, and even a wireless router.

The second USB 3 ports have been around since the beginning of the year, but the HDMI port is the first one to arrive in 2017.

The antenna is pretty standard, but I wouldn’t recommend putting it anywhere near your TV or monitor.

The only other accessories included in the box are a USB cable and a USB charging cable.

The included cable is only 6 feet long, so it doesn’t have any extra room inside.

The HDMI port itself is pretty small, but it’s not the biggest.

It’s only a few inches wide, so you won’t need a large HDMI stand or a big cable for that.

If you have an older HDMI monitor that can’t support USB 3 or HDMI, you’ll need to buy a USB 3 adapter.

It won’t be a huge upgrade to your current setup, but you’ll get a nice, compact option to plug into a TV or computer.

It doesn’t come with an antenna, but if you use one for gaming or viewing movies on your TV, this might be an option you want.

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