How to Get a Game of Thrones: Sodexo Link

A link to the official Nintendo eShop page for the upcoming Game of Throne series of Zelda titles has been posted on the subreddit r/NintendoSwitch.

It features a link to a video on the Sodexa Link app which features a trailer for the title, which will be released on November 11th, 2019.

The game features four main characters: Sodon, Sodom, Sodre and Sodex, who can be customized in various ways.

A “dramatic” ending to the game is also revealed.

Sodex is voiced by Tessa Thompson in the game, and her character design is inspired by one of her scenes in the recent movie The Last Kingdom.

The trailer for The Last Kingdoms, which is set to open in Japan on November 10, shows the same characters, with their outfits and costumes.

The game is being developed by Nippon Ichi Software and Nintendo, with the company providing a limited amount of the game’s characters.

Sodapop has previously teased a Sodex-themed game, called Sodex Odyssey, which was confirmed to launch sometime in 2019.

The series of titles was announced at this year’s E3 event, which took place in Los Angeles.

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